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The Best Way to Clean Your Newborn

It’s a blessing a for a couple to welcome a new baby , the new bundle of joy will be life changing to the entire family. Now the next thing is to figure out how to care for the delicate new born so that you can be sure that they are in the best of health. Right from conception a couples will invest and plan to welcome the baby but not many think of the day to day life of caring for the baby once it arrives.

You will need to bath your baby and that is one of the most important bonding moments between the child and the parents. This makes it very important to do it right when it comes to it. Bath tubs or baby sinks are a no-go zone for many parents, they feel better with tabletop baths but any can work actually. As you will observe your baby’s navel area is like a wound and as you would be advised by a pediatrician you need to be careful in how you give them a bath.

During a baby bath you will be supporting the baby’s head and the last thing they want is the discomfort of you twisting their neck as you try to reach for the bath supplies, start by gathering them on the tabletop where the bath is going to take place. A changing table is one solution for a good table top but you can resort to any surface so long as it’s comfortable enough. Ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly every time you are about to give your baby a shower because hands collect and pass a lot of bacteria without you knowing. Ensure that you clean the area that your baby takes a bath in .

When preparing the baby for their bath , undress them but leave the diaper n for the moment just in case they want to have a bathroom session there. Lay a towel on the bathing surface and lay them on the towel. Have your water ready and by your side where you dampen a wash cloth and gently wash the baby. The skin of the baby is sensitive so you need to make sure that the water is of the recommended temperature, it needs to be warm not hot. When bathing the baby , start behind ears as you work your way down. Be careful around the umbilical cord stump so that it’s not infected.

At the crotch area remove the irritation gentle hoirritation,he genitals so as not to cause irritation , for circumcised baby boys let them heal completely before you can wash the head of the privatepart . The hair scalp does not need massaging like that of an adult, be gentle and use baby shampoo or just water. Tilt the baby’s head so that water does not get into the eyes. Once the baby is clean use a second clean towel in a touch to dry way and pay attention to the navel area to ensure there is no moisture and dress the baby.

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