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Guidelines for Planning Desert Safari

If you are planning to go far a desert safari then you will have to travel very early in the morning since your journey in the desert will be slow hence you should take with you light and even take an early lunch. On the other hand, you should take an early lunch but not a heavy meal that will likely upset your stomach. Ensure you carry a camera to capture your best moments during the desert safari and a hat and sunglasses to minimize the strong heat in the desert.

Since you may want to buy souvenir to remind you of your desert safari then carrying some cash and your credit card to be able to purchase should be a must. You will be able to find comfort stops before bashing starts in the desert hence your desert safari should entails packing lots of snacks and refreshments since you can always find such food in the desert shops. You may have to buy some pictures and videos from official photographers in the desert during your safari hence ensure you pack your wallet containing some cash for expenses.

The weather in the desert is very hot thus loose clothes are the best option to ensure you are comfortable during the entire safari. You may opt to wear shorts and thin straps for a lady and shorts and vest for a gentleman to keep yourself cool from the excess heat in the desert. Similarly, wear open shoes or sandals since you will be getting in and out of the vehicle more often to ensure you don’t collect sand in the shoes every time.

Hire a skilled driver who majors in driving visitors throughout the desert and must be aware of the routes in the desert instead of opting to do so yourself. Hire a driver who is skilled an one that uses a 4WD vehicle that is strong enough to be used for a desert safari as it cannot easily get stack in the sand dunes. Camel rides are not always available after the first rush hence ensure you take a ride as soon as you find one to ensure your desert safari is enjoyable.

Lastly, if you will need to buy souvenirs you should first research the actual price of souvenirs you will find during your desert safari s in the malls to have knowledge of the fair price you can buy such items. Seek recommendation from your guide to educate you of the dos and don’ts of what to do and some approximate prices of goods sold in the desert so that you familiarize yourself with to avoid the people from taking advantage of you being a visitor and tourist.

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