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Demystifying Long-Held Myths

There are different beliefs and ideas people hold when it comes to the remedies and treatments for various conditions. What people have learned to believe from family traditions, religious beliefs, superstition, to name a few, determines how they shall address these ailments. These things may keep them away from getting proper medical attention. There are some myths that need to be demystified so that people can view their situations objectively and realistically.
There is the belief that you have to wait at least half an hour after eating for you to swim. We were told that those who did not wait would suffer severe cramping. The truth is that the cramping is as a result of dehydration, not digestion. Cramping is common in those who undertake intense physical activity on a full stomach. You, therefore, can have a light meal or a snack, some water, and swim comfortably after that.
There was also the belief that swallowed chewing gum lodged in the system for a week. It is good practice to spit it out once you are done. Foods that lodge in your system for longer than two days shall cause you constipation. Chewing gum will not since it shall dissolve like all other candies, and be out before then. If you are constipated, you need to find out what the cause is, as it is not chewing gum.
Another one was that frogs and toads gave you warts. This is something that the young ones were terrified of. They said that the bumps on their skin were the source. Those are simple glands that they rely on for protection. Their secretions are not responsible for warts forming. They shall, however, give you a bacterial infection since frogs live in dirty conditions.
Those who also believe that shaving causes hair to grow back thicker and faster were wrong. But we see that hair growth rates are not affected by shaving frequency. Shorter hair is rougher, which people think makes it thicker.
Another strong one is not allowing a concussed patient to fall asleep. It is believed that the person shall slip into a coma.They assume they will go into a coma. Sleeping has been observed to lead to healing. You therefore need to let them sleep. That and medical intervention to address any incident of internal bleeding or swelling will ensure that everything is ok.
Others believe in feeding a cold and starving a fever. These conditions cause dehydration in the body. When you restrict food and liquid intake, it shall escalate their presence. The body needs plenty of strength and nourishment to deal with the condition.
A medical diagnosis for any illness is the best way to learn more about how to treat it. Their assessment of such situations can be relied upon. There are these web pages on which you can read more about such conditions.