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Measures To Mitigating Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is defined by Occupational Health And Safety Administration (OSHA) as any act or threat of physical violence, intimidation, harassment or any other behavior that makes one uncomfortable or as a direct result of their work. Physical acts, psychological harassment and verbal abuse are all form of violence that is experienced in the workplaces. Violence is a common occurrence in organizations that are caused by different factors, and the management needs to find ways of handling it. You need to understand that such cases as violence at work involve even the customer or client who is aggressive or is not contented with the services rendered. No matter the form of violence experienced at the workplace, it will always pose a threat to the success and effective operation of the company. If there are policies and rules concerning the work ethics in any organization such cases as violence among employees will never be witnessed. There are various ways that a company can mitigate cases of violence within its structure.

If any company can come up with rules and regulations concerning the employees code of conduct there will be a refrain when it comes to such behaviors as violence. When the management allows such practices to happen, there are possibilities of things escalating to worst, and this is why there is a need to have policies that will take care of such cases. If the company tolerates such behaviors, there will be high employee turnover, and this will also mean that the growth, success and productivity level on the company will be affected. Before any new employee is brought on board there is a need for the management to explain what is expected and the penalties that come along when such cases happen. There is a need for critical analysis of such situations and the best possible ways to mitigate them. The factors could include increased stress levels, lack of adequate training and management laxity to implement appropriate disciplinary actions.

Remember that most of the victims in the workplace as far as the violence is concerned are the employees and for this reason you need to make sure that they are included in the workplace violence mitigation initiative. There is also the need to conduct workplace violence awareness campaigns within and out of the organization so that the necessary knowledge will reach its target effectively. The training should include violence recognition, communication strategies, and safety measures. Individuals should be accountable and be responsible to their behaviors, understand the culture of the organization and the specific behaviors that makeup workplace violence. This helps in finding discrepancies and thus corrective measures can be implemented to ensure that the program bears fruits.

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